WELL, you win some, you lose some, and some are rained out, like yesterday’s PRE – ORDER PURCHASE PARTY.

I was really hoping for a giant SURFING WAVE in the ocean of support, as opposed to a ripple in a pond during yesterday’s PRE-ORDER PURCHASE PARTY. Ponds are nice, though. I remember a story about Fred Smith’s first day of FEDEX operation. It seems with all the fanfare, all of the hard work that was put in, FEDEX made two successful deliveries. TWO. I admit to being discouraged, especially since I KNOW that this project is really going to be AWESOME.  However, if the numbers aren’t reached by Friday MARCH 8, 2019 through PRE-ORDER, I’ll take it offline until it’s actually completed after the SHABBAT ENDS at SUNDOWN on MARCH 9, 2019.  For those who’ve already PRE – ORDERED A WORK IN PROGRESS, I’ll get this finished as quickly as possible. If the goal of 3,000 PRE-ORDERS is not reached, it may be a bit longer than I’d hoped. Maybe the whole point of this is to just keep doing what you can, and the best you can in spite of the obstacles. I choose to believe that I really do have something of value to offer, IN SPITE of how everything looks. I’m very grateful to everyone who’s shown their support from the singles project to now. After the store re-opens on Saturday evening after dark, I’ll have removed the pre -order button from my store. The next time you see something with A WORK IN PROGRESS, it will be the project. Hopefully before the summer, and CERTAINLY before summer’s end. In the mean time, everyone be amazingly blessed. And to those people who received their music via digital download, I’ll also send you CDs of the music as soon as possible. AGAIN, I VERY much thank you for your support of an artist that is largely unknown to the general public. And who knows what can happen even by this weekend? HOPE. It is ESSENTIAL. Have the very GREATEST day.


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