So, it’s said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Actually, that’s just one definition. It’s also true that sometimes the craziest ideas are the ones that bring the breakthroughs. And we all seek to experience that moment when EVERYTHING FINALLY COMES TOGETHER…and we reach an important goal. My goal has been to complete A WORK IN PROGRESS, for a number of reasons important to me personally. It really has seemed as if this is a project that isn’t supposed to be completed, considering the incredible amount of challenges to just FINISH it. Which means, to MY way of thinking at least, IT SHOULD get finished and put in the marketplace. THUS, my CRAZY IDEA: SET UP PREORDERS, and USE THE PROJECT ITSELF TO FUND ITS COMPLETION.
Over the years I’ve heard a number of interesting phrases, like “shedding skin”, “laying it all on the line”, “leaving it on the field, the stage, etc.”…I can tell you plainly I’ve shed enough skin to clone battalions [I’m not attempting to make any clones of myself…I like being the only Wendell Brooks, in THIS part of the MULTIVERSE at least. DC fans will get that reference]. I’m a person who BELIEVES in going all out. So much so that it’s cost me at times…a LOT. This time around, I’m making a simple appeal: PRE-ORDER A WORK IN PROGRESS at the sale price. Tax will be added in the cart. What’s in it for YOU to pre order my CD? Well, aside from the knowing you’ll be the first to get a  SMOKING HOT PROJECT [hey, I KNOW you’ll agree when you RECEIVE IT after it’s finished], FREE STUFF. LOTS OF FREE STUFF. Especially free music. Receive an email from me with a link to a digital download of songs from a special edition of SMOOTH JAZZ FOR GREY DAYS. That’s just ONE of my THANK YOUs for your helping to fund this project. Once I PRE SELL 3000 units, I’ll IMMEDIATELY be able get the project completed, with a budget to have my CDs PROPERLY REPLICATED, as well as A BUDGET FOR THE ALL IMPORTANT PROMOTION BLITZ. It also means FREE SHIPPING TO THOSE WHO HELP ME MAKE this happen. And of course, it means an extra something special to those people who join TEAM BROOKS by being willing to take a chance on someone you’ve not really heard of [I’m usually the guy who’s name is in very fine print on the recordings…well except for SIMON PHILLIPS, who actually had my picture on THE ALBUM COVER. THANKS SI!!] Along with the CD when it’s finished, you’ll be getting really cool UPDATES WHILE it’s being finished. A look at HORRIBLE PEOPLE, my animated series before ANYONE ELSE gets to see it. STORYBOARDS for the MUSIC VIDEOS I’ve got planned and YES…SERIOUS CGI and VFX will be involved from the very beginning. Hey…with your HELP I’ll have an actual BUDGET to pull this off. AND IF YOU ARE IN HOUSTON, you may get to APPEAR in the VERY FIRST VIDEO I’m planning. But that’s if I am able to pull of this REALLY CRAZY project. I’ve already have some wonderful people who are JOINING TEAM BROOKS. SOME WHO JOINED WAY BACK WITH THE SINGLES project. Join my team. Get some great music. Once the budgets come together expect some cool freebies in the mail. UPDATES EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. And of COURSE, the CD once it FLIES. I know people like to say DROPS. I’d really like it to FLY, actually. STRAIGHT UP THE SMOOTH JAZZ Charts. But then, I’m crazy enough to believe it CAN. With your help. Thank you in advance. I appreciate your support. And praying the absolute best for your lives. Sincerely, Wendell Brooks.