Just like the CD, the site is A WORK IN PROGRESS. Here’s something I put together quickly. Some may now that I’m an avid fan of ANIMATION…so much so that I’m actually LEARNING how to animate! This was done really fast, and of course, there is MUCH to be done. However, when I reach my goal WITH YOUR HELP there will be many more productions coming.  So here it is, THE WENDELL BROOKS SINGLES RUN FEATURING GROOVE GUY JCOB.

HERE’S THE FIRST 3D and CGI commercial I ever put together. I hope you dig the DANCING RED ROBOT. ENJOY!!

THE LOOK IN HER GREEN EYES was the very first music video, and despite being newbies, a lot of great ideas were captured. Since then, skills have improved. A WORK IN PROGRESS will have even MORE exciting music video for you to enjoy.

THE NEW COMMERCIAL FEATURING THE PHENOMENAL OFFER. I hope you enjoy it. I’m learning a series of new skills [pun intended…remember this one for FUTURE REFERENCE] that I’m developing to the best of my ability to coincide with the release of A WORK IN PROGRESS. I hope you enjoy it. LIKE AND SHARE, TWEET, AND INSTAGRAM TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!