Yep. You can still Pre-Order A WORK IN PROGRESS. In fact, crazy as it sounds, still looking for the number 3,000 as in 3,000 Pre-Sales. Crazier STILL, hoping and actually LOOKING for those numbers in a short period of time. Maybe I’m just DAYDREAMING [see what I did there?] but I believe it’s POSSIBLE with YOUR HELP.  As in before MAY concludes. It’s like this: you are going to get 3 [count them!] 3 CDs worth of material for 16.84 cents PLUS some cool extras. Can’t get the cool extras MADE without the SALES though. And of course, in order to pull ANY of this OFF, have to reach the sales in a short span of time that allows for one to put together the cool package for you. Real talk, I know this won’t float everyone’s proverbial boat. All I’M asking is if it’s a different cup of tea outside of your favor, pas it along to those you know whom will LOVE it. Think of it this way: those funds go towards production of the music, videos, replication and promotion. Not to mention that I really enjoy PAYING people I work with. Once the goal is reached, there will be a LIVE CONCERT AFTER all of the production is completed. Wouldn’t you love to see what happens? I certainly would. Please support the project. All it takes is 16.84 from 3,000 people. You get an autographed CD AND TWO OTHERS in DIGITAL FORMAT while you wait. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!



WELL, you win some, you lose some, and some are rained out, like yesterday’s PRE – ORDER PURCHASE PARTY.

I was really hoping for a giant SURFING WAVE in the ocean of support, as opposed to a ripple in a pond during yesterday’s PRE-ORDER PURCHASE PARTY. Ponds are nice, though. I remember a story about Fred Smith’s first day of FEDEX operation. It seems with all the fanfare, all of the hard work that was put in, FEDEX made two successful deliveries. TWO. I admit to being discouraged, especially since I KNOW that this project is really going to be AWESOME.  However, if the numbers aren’t reached by Friday MARCH 8, 2019 through PRE-ORDER, I’ll take it offline until it’s actually completed after the SHABBAT ENDS at SUNDOWN on MARCH 9, 2019.  For those who’ve already PRE – ORDERED A WORK IN PROGRESS, I’ll get this finished as quickly as possible. If the goal of 3,000 PRE-ORDERS is not reached, it may be a bit longer than I’d hoped. Maybe the whole point of this is to just keep doing what you can, and the best you can in spite of the obstacles. I choose to believe that I really do have something of value to offer, IN SPITE of how everything looks. I’m very grateful to everyone who’s shown their support from the singles project to now. After the store re-opens on Saturday evening after dark, I’ll have removed the pre -order button from my store. The next time you see something with A WORK IN PROGRESS, it will be the project. Hopefully before the summer, and CERTAINLY before summer’s end. In the mean time, everyone be amazingly blessed. And to those people who received their music via digital download, I’ll also send you CDs of the music as soon as possible. AGAIN, I VERY much thank you for your support of an artist that is largely unknown to the general public. And who knows what can happen even by this weekend? HOPE. It is ESSENTIAL. Have the very GREATEST day.


Follow me on TWITTER  and find me on FACEBOOK. Send me a FRIEND request [you have to have a picture though] and PLEASE LIKE my music page. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!


Okay. It’s more of a “EVERYONE BUY ON THIS DAY” party. HERE’S THE THING: It’s getting down to the wire as far as getting the project completed in a decent amount of time, thus the reason and purpose of the A WORK IN PROGRESS CD PURCHASE PARTY. It’s actually been FASCINATING, to borrow a phrase from the gone too early JIM ROHN, one of my favorite personal development authors, to see the various points of view from some of the individuals I’ve known as I’ve endeavored to make this happen. Keeping the main thing, the MAIN thing, I offer THIS to ANYONE who has something BURNING DEEP INSIDE THEM that they MUST bring to pass: ignore the naysayers and press on. When you know that you know that you know you’re on the right track, just check your results and adjust your strategy. It WILL happen. Just like I KNOW that there are MANY people who’d like to see this project happen. Some possibly from curiosity, others because they’ve heard the basic vibe of the CD and would like to groove to the finished project. And still OTHERS who’ve seen some of my animation on BROOKS TV and are wondering “WHAT COULD HE DO WITH A REAL BUDGET? I’m IN!” To do what I’d like to do [and WILL ACCOMPLISH somehow]frankly requires a decent amount of capital. Thus, instead of looking for investors and creating debt [not that there’s anything wrong with that], A WORK IN PROGRESS can finance ITSELF through PRE-ORDER. No go fund me, or other process. Direct to YOU. And in keeping with the concept found in the book THINK AND GROW RICH, actually providing MORE for your money than you expect, for helping me COMPLETE this project with EXCELLENCE. WHAT IS THE “MORE”? TWO FULL CDS WORTH OF MUSIC in exchange for YOUR 16.84 US/ 14.85 € Euro/1,864.27 ¥ [hey, it can happen. My site is visible in Europe AND Japan]. When I receive your Pre-Order, I’ll IMMEDIATELY send you the highest quality mp3 files for you to download of two CDs via WeTransfer. When I reach my goal which I hope to DO on Tuesday February 26, 2019, I’ll COMPLETE A WORK IN PROGRESS in a reasonable amount of time and send you the PROFESSIONALLY REPLICATED CD of A WORK IN PROGRESS. Oh, and it will be autographed. I’m looking for 3,000 PRE-ORDERS to raise the money to do this. And I’ll also be keeping everyone updated via email to let you know where the project is. The way this will happen, is through MASSIVE WORD OF MOUTH, so I’m asking everyone to both PRE-ORDER and spread the word among your friends. If you liked the animation on the BROOKS TV page, just wait until you see what’s planned for THE VIDEOS for A WORK IN PROGRESS. I believe I will make you absolutely proud you supported this project. Well, that’s the concept. Here’s the link for you to follow. Start revving those debit cards! Oh, and one more thing: use the paypal default. You are still protected by SSL encryption, and also make sure I have a good email address listed. AND a good phone number. I’d like to send you a PERSONAL thank you via text, or who knows? Maybe even a quick call. Thank you so very much and I hope to make an incredible post for you on February 27, 2019 saying “WE DID IT!!” Have the greatest day! And know that your support is greatly appreciated.


Oh and by the way, the music makes for great gifts to your friends, so feel free to order more than one! Click the image —




A WORK IN PROGRESS, an upcoming 16 song CD, is NOW AVAILABLE AS A PRE-ORDER. It’s a radical concept. USE THE CD to FUND ITSELF. You can find more details on the PRE-ORDER project page just underneath the shop tab. The SHORT story is I’d like to DO THIS ONE HUGE, and it’s going to take a bit of a wage to pull it off. So, everyone who pre-orders the CD NOW, at 16.84, gets an autographed copy when it’s done as WELL as TWO CDs worth of music sent to you ONLINE when your order is received. The goal is 3,000 to 5,000 Pre-Orders. After that number is reached, the CD goes to full price. Not too mention doing one’s best not to invite WRITER’S CRAMP…although it would be a great reason to RISK it. There’s a lot planned for this one…great people to add for the recording and seriously amazing music videos. AND PROMOTION. REALLY WANT TO SET UP A GREAT PROMOTION BUDGET THIS TIME. There’s been a number of great people who are already all in that have ordered. Would you like to be a PART of the TEAM?  LOVE to have you join! To do it, just click the POSTER TO THE RIGHT. 

I VERY much appreciate you! 
Wendell Brooks


EXCITED TO WELCOME YOU TO THE NEW WENDELL BROOKS OFFICIAL SITE WITH A NEW RELEASE! To get things kicked off, here’s two re-released, remastered songs available for purchase, DIRECT TO YOU. THE LOOK IN HER GREEN EYES and DAYDREAMING. BOTH REMASTERED. BOTH GROOVING.  Add them to your smooth jazz audio collection.  BUY YOUR COPIES TODAY!